Keeping Focused

From her time as a reporter with CW33, to hosting a radio show on Mix 102.9, to marketing NorthPark Center and Legacy West, Victoria Snee has been in the public eye.  With such a high profile, fast-paced and demanding career, Snee has needed that “something extra” to help her maintain energy and focus at work.  For nearly two decades, that “something” has been healthy living through diet, exercise, and good sleep.

Snee, who is married to another former D/FW media personality, Jeff Crilley, has long made exercise part of her daily schedule, despite somewhat atypical work hours.  “From tennis to running, the elliptical, or exercising with a trainer, I’ve always done something to maintain my fitness,” says Snee.  “A few years ago I joined the spin/cycling phenomenon and am now an enthusiastic ‘Flywheel’ devotee.  I love the workout and feedback from the bikes, and do a class four times a week.”

Going the Distance

One of Snee’s all-time favorite workouts was exercising outdoors with her husband, under the direction of a trainer.  “It was a unique, freeing experience that really challenged us, whether using a park bench for dips, tree limbs for pull-ups or hills for wind sprints.  Working out with my husband was extra motivating, especially on the inevitable bad-weather mornings.”

In 2018, Snee added resistance training to her cardiovascular routine.  “For women especially, light weight training is important to maintaining bone density and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis, so I try to workout with weights twice a week.”

How does Snee find the time for her workouts?  She sets a 5:30 AM alarm and makes it to the gym by 6:30, no matter what.  “It isn’t always easy when that alarm goes off, but doing so consistently over time makes it a normal part of my day, and I wouldn’t be the same otherwise!”

Sleep Is A Good Thing

Getting a good night of sleep is just as important for Snee as her workouts.  “After work and dinner, we might watch a movie or read, but I try to turn the lights off early and at the same time each night because, without those hours to recharge, I’ll be running on empty the next day.  I also keep my phone far away, otherwise I’ll find myself staying up late on social media, or simply being disturbed by the constant updates and notices.”  Even on vacation, Snee tries her best to maintain her sleep regimen.

The third leg of Snee’s healthy lifestyle triumvirate is diet, beginning with drinking four liters of water per day.  Not only does that provide critical hydration after intense workouts, it also helps curb her appetite, an important consideration given her employer.  “I love a good meal, and working for Legacy West there are many outstanding food options.  The secret is maintaining balance with a regular, healthy diet rather than chasing the latest food fad.”  Does Snee allow herself the occasional, unhealthy indulgence?  “Yes, absolutely!  Life would be no fun without a big bag of movie popcorn (hold the butter, though).  And, I consider myself a queso-connoisseur.  The best, in my opinion, is at Mexican Sugar in the Shops at Legacy!”

Healthy Advice

What advice does Snee have for area residents seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle?  Keep it simple, and consistent.  “Plano has no shortage of gyms, classes and trainers.  But it also has an abundance of great, inexpensive (or free) exercise options, from rec centers, to public parks, to nature preserves with miles of walking trails (Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and Oak Point Park).  So, you don’t have to spend a lot, or even anything, to get a good workout in Plano.  Just make it a regular part of your day, vary your routine to keep it fun and exciting, eat and sleep well, and soon you’ll notice a big difference in your life.  I know I have.”

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