1 3 5 Trimetilbenceno

Computed by pubchem 2. 2 (pubchem release 2021. 10. 14) parent compound. C 9 h 12. (a) there are three sets of equivalent carbon atoms. The third is the two carbon atoms at the points of fusion of the rings. Por encima de 50掳c pueden formarse mezclas explosivas vapor/aire. Evitar las llamas, no producir chispas y no fumar. Por encima de 50掳c,. It has been found to be a biomarker of flavonoid consumption in humans. It has a role as a biomarker and a human xenobiotic metabolite. Together with other compounds of the same empirical formula, these flammable and explosive hydrocarbons are referred to as the c9 aromatics.

1 3 5 Trimetilbenceno

1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene 108-67-8 | 鏉变含鍖栨垚宸ユキ鏍紡浼氱ぞ

Los is贸meros de trimetilbenceno, tmb, son l铆quidos transparentes e incoloros, con un t铆pico aroma oleaginoso. 5,00 mg/m3 = 1 ppm. Spot an opportunity for improvement? C 9 h 12 o 3. Copy sheet of paper on top of another sheet. It turns into a vapor easily. Chemical identifiers | hazards | response recommendations | physical properties | regulatory information | alternate chemical names. (nfpa, 2010) general description. A colorless liquid with a peculiar odor. Insoluble in water and less dense than water.

1 3 5 Trimetilbenceno
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1 3 5 Trimetilbenceno
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Flash point near 123掳f. C 6 h 3 n 3 o 6. Find related products, papers,. Synonyms & trade names. Dot id & guide.

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